5 International Collaborations That Turned Out To Be Major Flops

At some point in the career of a Liberian musician, they seeks to break out from there domain to conquer bigger territories and that in itself is never a bad idea. In fact, it is healthy to grow into something bigger and even better.

Part of the strategy for growth and international breakthrough has always been to feature a foreign ‘international’ artiste. This plan is to easily gain penetration into the foreign music market on the wings of this very big international star. Perhaps, more traction may be gained after a ‘global star’ in put on a track by a ‘local artiste’.

That quest to take the Liberian sound global has been around for quite a long time. In recent times phenomenal progress has been made with regards to that dream. Liberian music stars are easily picking up international collaborations, you begin to feel like if these foreign artistes live around the hood.

In all these, many artistes have tried securing an international collaboration and some of the results have not always matched the hype around those tracks. Simply, those songs flopped big time.

(1) Coz Kamikazee ft. Jupiter – Tell Me

Coz felt like he was ready to conquer the world. The rapper opted for an international collaboration to push his name and music further. Coz factored he could get Ghanian dancehall artist Jupiter on his song Tell Me. You and I know that track changed nothing for Coz Kamikazee.

(2) CIC ft. Aramide – Love

How many people even remember CIC did a song together with Nigerian singer Aramide? This highly publicized international collabo did not hit the spot. It was just a flop despite the big names.

(3) F.A ft Ice Prince – One Night

Taking his craft to the next level which would be going international was the next thing for F.A to do. The artist signed onto Dot Music Group contacted rapper Ice Prince for a new song ‘One Night’. After all the social media hype it turns out ‘One Night’ came out as rather lukewarm.

(4) Kobazzie ft. Davido – Bounce

What a hit ‘Bounce’ was for one of Liberia’s biggest music export Kobazzie. However, the artiste wanted to extend the success of the song so he went for an international remix. He got Nigerian singer and DMW boss Davido on the remix, the result was just awful.

(5) CIC ft. Medikal – Goddammit

This was another attempt CIC made at securing an international collaboration. He reached out to Ghanian artiste Medikal. A song ‘Goddammit’ was made; it did not give CIC the buzz he wanted.

Can you remember any international collaboration that didn’t do very well? Comment below.

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James Momo is popularly known in showbiz as 'Drizzy'. He is a music critic, writer and pundit on several entertainment shows on radio. James has been writing on Liberian music since 2014.

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