• Reaching the heart of a woman demands a man to be very careful with his choice of words

• Knowing how to appeal to a woman is a plus for a man especially when he is able to smoothly talk to her

• Never ask a lady the number of men she’s had sex with if you want to win her over

Often, guys do their best to lure ladies into believing what they say so they could fall in love with them but what some miss out on is the right questions and how to ask them.

Getting someone to love you is a step-by-step process and an individual needs patience and understanding. As a man, you cannot force someone to love you but you can only request or appeal to the lady to accept you into their lives and in doing so, you have to learn how to reach their hearts.

For this reason, GhanaWeb’s Amos Ekow Coffie through a general poll conducted on WhatsApp revealed that most ladies get irritated when they are asked questions about their past relationships.

According to the responses, it is not right for a guy to ask a lady what her body count is (how many men she has been intimate with). This, according to the ladies, is very disrespectful and puts them off.

Below are the seven (7) major wrong questions a guy should never ask a lady

1. If you find me cheating on you what would you do?

2. Are you a virgin?

3. Do you have a boyfriend?

4. Hope you won’t leave me?

5.What is your body count? (How many men have you had sex with?)

6. How old are you?

7. When was the last time your had sex?

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