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A behind-the-scenes look into Kini T. Sweet and Beenieking BS2 music video shoot

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Kini T. Sweet and reggae dancehall artist Beenieking BS2 recently put their creative minds together to create a hit song, ‘Successful‘. But more than that, the two took to the streets to produce (what looks like ) a smoking hot music video for the song.

And naturally, accompanying visuals need to be just as good after having spent hours working with videographer Kenzo.

But that’s something both these artists are very well aware of, having only produced the best music videos to go with their hit songs. So, put together, can you begin to imagine the kind of video they have the potential to put out?

Well, if this behind-the-scenes look into their shoot is anything to go by, then we should probably be prepared to be blown away.