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AK New Song “24/7” Sounds Exactly Like Nuchie’s “998”, Says Benita Urey

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It’s a common knowledge that a lot of Liberian songs being released right now sound alike. It’s the reason why if you’re at a club or party and you’re not really paying attention to the music, you might think the DJ just put one song on repeat and called it a day.

In a Twitter post, the CEO of The Liberian Influence Blog Benita Urey, indicated that rapper AK new released single “24/7” sound exactly as Nuchie Meek “998” song.

The truth is that most of these artistes are just following a formula that works. Does that mean that we don’t get a lot of variety? Yes. But someone did say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I’m not sure they were referring to music but whatever.

However, there are some cases where artistes have taken other artistes hit songs, made near replicas of those songs, and released them under different names.