Facts of Anna Gordy Gaye

Full Name Anna Gordy Gaye
First Name Anna
Middle Name Gordy
Last Name Gaye
Profession businesswoman, composer, and songwriter
Nationality American
Birth City Oconee, Georgia
Birth Country United States
Father Name Berry Gordy Sr.
Mother Name Bertha Ida Gordy
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Aquarius
No Of Children 1
Sibilings Berry Gordy, George Gordy, Gwen Gordy Fuqua, Esther Gordy Edwards, Fuller Gordy, Loucye Gordy Wakefield and Robert Gordy
Date of Birth 28,1922

Anna Gordy Gaye was the celebrity wife of an American singer, songwriter, and record producer named Marvin Gaye. 

She used to work as a businesswoman, composer, and songwriter. Unfortunately, she is no longer among us.

About Marvin Gaye

Marvin was one of the most successful and talented people of his time. He first started his career in the music industry in 1957 and was involved in the field till he died. 

He earned nicknames such as “Prince of Motown” and “Prince of Soul.”

His death followed many honors such as the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and inductions into the Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame, The Songwriters Hall of Fame, and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and many others. 

His life was both unique and tragic, and overall he had a successful journey. 


Anna wedding with Marvin took place in June 1963. The couple first met in 1959 and started dating officially in 1960. 

The two of them were deeply in love with each other. Marvin also wrote the songs “Stubborn Kind of Fellow” and “Pride & Joy,” describing their love and what he feels for her. 


Later, when they started to have trouble in the marriage, they decided to adopt a boy to be some stability in their relationship. Their son was named Marvin Pentz Gaye III. Marvin is a singer and songwriter and is a married man. His wife’s name is Wendy Gaye. 

Truth about their son

For years, it was believed that Marvin Pentz Gaye III was the couple’s biological son, but later it was discovered that he was adopted and Anna faked pregnancy. 

So, later after knowing that he was adopted, there was a question of who the birth mother was. 

And later it was found that the birth mother was Denise Gordy, the niece of Anna, and was only 15 years old when she was pregnant.  

Later Marvin dated Denise after his divorce from Anna.

Divorce with Anna

Anna and Marvin divorced in November 1975, and Marvin had to pay a certain portion of his album to Anna. 

As he released the album, Here, My Dear was based on their marriage according to Marvin‘s point of view. 

Anna then threatened Marvin, suing him for $5 million as he released her details, but the threat was dismissed.

In 1980s, Marvin and Anna were back to being friends, and she also accompanied him in award shows. Anna went to the Grammy Awards in 1983 with Marvin. 

Later Marvin‘s death broke Anna‘s heart. She was devastated. 

She and Marvin III accepted The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on behalf of Marvin, and when his ashes were swept in the Pacific Ocean and his three children and she kept a portion of it with her. 

Anna never got married again.

Marvin’s death

Marvin was killed by his father. Marvin and his father never liked each other, and his father was very abusive since his childhood and one day, his father was furious as an insurance paper was missing. 

His father was about to abuse his mother, and Marvin stopped his father, pushed him down the hallways, and beat him up. 

His mother came between them and stopped Marvin. His father picked up himself and went to his room where he had a gun. He came to Marvin‘s room and shot him twice.

Net Worth

The net worth of Anna was around $1-5 million.

The net worth of Marvin was around $5 million.


Anna died at the age of 92. Marvin was 44 years old when he died.

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