The Stone Luckshine-led Naymo Records aren’t as hot as it used to be in 2016/2017. Those years though in the past were the music imprint finest moments. Everyone on the label was popping, it was during these period that the label churned out hits like Success, I here, Mama, Feelings, etc.

All that transpired in 2016/2017, and the underlying truth is that Stone Luckshine had a hand in producing all the above listed singles which were certified hits.

Fast tracking to the present day, 2019 it seems that the Naymo Records artists are better off working with other music producers.

The reason for the assertion stems from the successes of two of the labels artistes PCK and L’Frankie. Even though the label isn’t as hot as it used to be, it’s clear only PCK and L’Frankie are currently making the record label proud.

A further digging proves that working with other music producers besides Stone Luckshine is the primary reason their game is still on point.


Just before the demise of 2018 PCK and L’Frankie worked on the hit single ‘Bomb’. The single which gained wide acceptance was not made by music producer Stone Luckshine. ‘Bomb’ was produced by FlexxBeat.

Another case would be L’Frankie single ‘Pump 8 Up’. Here is another tune that was made outside the convince of Stone Luckshine studio. So far the tune is a banger and was produced by FlexxBeat. That again pushes the argument that L’Frankie can get even bigger and better if he explores sounds from other beatmakers.

PCK is a whole new subject on this argument. For his highly successful single ‘Baby’ the artiste worked intensively with Dr. Lu Beatz.

It’s safe to say that the both artistes on the label might just do better if they move pass Stone Luckshine to work with other producers.


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