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Artist Profile: Dancehall artist Beenieking Bs2

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Bill S. Lor is a liberian reggae/dancehall artist known on the dancehall mainstream as Beenieking Bs2. Beenieking Bs2 have composed music that the liberian community all around the globe has grooved to since he gain relevance in the liberian music industry in 2017 with a song titled “Cshare friends“. According to Bs2, he wrote the song based on reality and experience with friends who are not really trust worthy or genuine friends. “Cshare friends” took many radio stations, played in many cities in the liberian communities everywhere. It also earned him his first awards nomination at one of the country’s Music Award Platforms (Tunes Liberia Music Awards – TLMA 2017). Bs2 have put in more work into the rising & recognition of Liberia’s new era of reggae/dancehall music, since he was in college. While in college he started sharing bigger stages with other top Liberian artists like Ro Papers, S- Man, Soul Fresh, K Zee Bigname, Cypha D’ King and Deng, who are well known on the International music scene from Liberia.

Most of Bs2 music relates to the daily reality of life & mostly about love. There are many challenges he have fixed as an artist trying to make it on the International music scene. With his passion to make Liberian reggae/dancehall culture get its international recognition, Bs2 have put in more energy/work that have conquered & reigned over my challenges.

Most of his challenges which happens to be financial issues, but in spite of it all his key goal is to make sure liberian reggae/dancehall music be heard all over Africa and the world same way as Ghana & Nigeria.

Bs2 believe in the reggae culture so he grew up practicing in church choirs & throughout his hometown/city with live music bands as a lead vocalist in Nimba County, Ganta, Liberia.

Bs2 have done couple of international collaborations. He was featured by Nigerian artist Flexy B on “Shorkorish“. High profile Liberian female artist based in North Dakota United States, name Willsheba also featured Bs2 on a single titled “Party“. “Party” became one of the most screamed song on Willsheba 2019 EP.

Bs2 is the first “New Arrival” dancehall artist in Liberia’s music industry. He have the most played songs every year and the highest features & collaborations. Some say it’s because of his unique style and voice while others say it’s because of his composition and blending of his liberian native dialect Gio with the Jamaican patios that makes him known in his country music industry.

His fans love to call him King of Voice, and he call his fans “Dry Gang”. Sometimes he call them princes & princesses of the world. He have gotten 8 awards nominations & have won 3 in the reggae/dancehall artist of the year category in the liberian music Industry.


• Tunes Liberia Music Awards 2017 – best reggae/dancehall artist
• Paynesville Artist Award 2018-best reggae/dancehall artist of the Year – WON
• Tunes Liberia Music Awards 2018 – best reggae/dancehall artist
• MTN Liberia Music Awards – 2019 reggae/dancehall artist of the year
• Tunes Liberia Music Awards 2020- best reggae/dancehall artist -WON
• Fanz Choice Awards 2020 – reggae/dancehall Artist of the Year – WON
• Paynesville Entertainment Awards 2020 – Best reggae / dancehall Artist of the Year
• MTN LIBERIA MUSIC AWARDS-MLMA 2020 – reggae/dancehall Artist of the Year
• Liberia Entertainment Academy Awards 2020 – Dancehall Artist of the Year

Since he appeared on the liberian music mainstream he have gotten on collaborations with the following liberian artist:

Randy man
Yung Classic

He have worked with many up and coming artists and also top liberian producers in Liberia and abroad including:

• Dr Lu Beatz
• Randy Man
• Flexxz Beatz
• Ayaist – Young Master
• Quincy B
• Lil Tusis
• Cyrus Beatz
• Calvin
• DJ Philly
• 2G Beatz
• Trigger
• Allison Beats
• Mr Valemo

In early 2020 by the help of his team Wuoson Entertainment and King of Voice Music, he released 3 quality music videos to 3 of the songs from his up coming 14 song album. “Irie” & “Baby” have places on Hott TV top 10 music video charts. They are also available for streaming on his official YouTube channel Beenieking Bs2.

His first video of the year was “Irie” Directed by Jackie Russ & Ma B Junior Boy. Cyrus Paye Jr Directed “Grateful Vibez” and “BABY