I’m ashamed to say this but the truth is that when I first heard of the name Jay Supreme. It was on a song title “Current Mood”. He had a dope verse on that song, if you’ve never listened to it, you probably should.

Anyway, as they say, better late than never. With time, I’ve grown to love Jay Supreme’s music and I think he’ll go far if he keeps doing what he is doing at the moment.

J Jackson, was born in the South, USA, but grew up in Liberia, known by his stage name Jay Supreme is a Liberian hip hop recording artist. He is currently signed under (GMH, Getting Money Hustlers).

Other than the fact that he has a deep voice, somewhat like Bucky Raw, as you listen to his songs, you’ll notice that he has a unique flow. Put simply, you just want to keep listening to him as he does his thing.

Some of the songs that have put him on the pedestal (both solo and collaborations include), Jay Supreme – ‘Wunna Wunna’, Jay Supreme – ‘Cheap Shot’, Jay Supreme – ‘Shawty Say’, Bucky Raw ft. Jay Supreme – ‘Lib Upfront’, Jay Supreme – ‘Savage Rap’, Jay Supreme – ‘Current Mood’, Jay Supreme ft. Gro9 – ‘Gro9 Boy’.

With many other collaborations not mentioned in this article, it is quite audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that Jay Supreme has unlocked a new level for himself and also given hope to emerging street acts like himself.


One of the things that sets him apart from most Hip Hop artists is that there is some maturity in his lyric. He puts lot of work, at least that is what I feel when I listen to his tracks. The sensational artist has also released “Supremacy The Mixtape 1″, “Supremacy The Mixtape 2”, “Supremacy The Mixtape 3”, and “Who the f**k is Jay Supreme”.

To add to that, his wordplay skills are on point because he comes up with some of the best rhymes ever. Jay Supreme, is a natural and I’m happy that Liberians are now paying attention to his music, if you are not then you should. Jay Supreme, is currently in the studio recording his new mixtape title “Almost Famous” under his very own record label “GMH”.

At this pace, it is safe to say I see Jay Supreme scoring bigger hits, better collaborations (locally and internationally), winning awards and landing mouthwatering endorsements.


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