The biblical phrase ‘how are the mighty fallen’ seems like the only appropriate way to label a certain group of Liberian artistes who have fallen off the path of greatness that they once towed.

Once they were beaming with lots of tremendous prospects and promises but have not lived up to their full potential and unfortunately had a rapid decline in public appeal.

At some point these guys were up there in their glory days, in fact they were even tipped to become the standard for the industry in some years to come. But contrary to all the good ratings they were accorded, and serious good will, the reality is that they’re not as good as they hype.

These few artistes listed are those that come readily to mind when you think of how much some artistes have fallen out of favour.

Revoluxon Rocky

Liberian rapper Revoluxon Rocky, a former member of the T- Floyd led Floyd’s Nation used to be one of the most loved young emerging artistes in the music industry. In fact since his infamous released ‘P.E Teacher’, Revoluxon howed signs he was here to stay, young and full of promises. From ‘P.E Teacher’ to ‘I Vex’ he gained massive support from the fans especially the ladies. His biggest break to date being ‘I Vex’ was an instant monster hit, winning him the 2 awards at the 2018 TunesLiberia Music Awards. After the heroics of ‘I Vex’, other hits like ‘Like Dat’ and ‘Loose It’, the trapco rapper slumped per his ability to stay relevant with banging tunes.


One of Liberia’s finest gems when it comes to rap used to be Christoph. Since his official debut his music efforts have always been greeted with wide acceptance. Christoph has disappointed the rap faithful in Liberia and all those who thought big things for him. His highly anticipated ‘Bonnie Dust’ album was obviously a flop as the project did not fly, neither did it change the rap game a bit. These days nobody really looks up to Christoph as a role model as it concerns rap. Do you know Christoph released songs in the past weeks?  Surprisingly some of his fans aren’t aware of the rapper’s moves again; he lost them all.


Talented? Yes! Lack of talent has never been the problem with DenG. It may have to be his inconsistency or ethic to work. Everyone seems to rate DenG but apparently the singer has failed several times to ride and rise on the sheer hype he enjoys from fans. It’s genius to remember DenG is the brain behind some of the biggest Afro-Pop hits in music industry, plus he was a good singer to top it up. Several years after it seems DenG has failed to live up to his full potential in the music industry as a artist. The moral lesson is that raw talent isn’t always enough to keep you on top, it takes more than talent.


Some fans who are still sympathetic to Sweetz, may often times be wondering what went amiss with the singer. Sweetz was full of promises from her first taste of limelight with some sensational projects. She had grown in leaps and bounds albeit organically with her music while winning fans over. During her best days, she charted a few records and won top awards. Somewhere along the journey, Sweetz unfortunately lost her balance and fell from glory. These days, the likes of Faithvonic, Da Vero, Pillz are headlining concerts something Sweetz had not done in a very long time.


Teddyride hasn’t been in form of recent for someone who was thought to revolutionise the Afro-Pop game with new flavour. The artiste has had one of the fastest growth as a singer in recent times no doubt. However, Teddyride hasn’t been able to sustain the growth and momentum with chart topping singles anymore. ‘Zama’ introduced him, ‘Let Me Hear’ featuring Christoph gave him more fans, ‘Bamblay’, put him in the awards category but nothing else has been forthcoming from the artist. At this moment it seems the once raving artist has run out of creative juice.

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