With the sheer volume of new music launched every day, it is quite possible that your audience isn’t even aware of your work. The enormous number of listening options, such as streaming services can make it even harder to reach your target audience.

Therefore, your music might have a harder time standing out even if it has the best acoustics and lyrics. You need to put in the effort to market your music properly if you want it to get noticed.


Popular rapper Bucky Raw, have urged fellow musicians to invest into Marketing and Promotion. This came after a video went viral online of Nigerian musician Kizz Daniel, appreciating the Liberian community in the US, for turning up in numbers for his show.

Marketing is one of the key components that are responsible for making a musical work a hit, on top of the musician’s talent and production quality.

Marketing music includes all the promotional efforts required to reach out to the target listeners and get them to like your music and trust you as an artist.


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