Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur Biography | Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur Wiki

Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur are a Boston- based couple testing their commitment for the long haul by featuring on the American reality television program Temptation Island.

Asley is a model while Rick is a store manager. The couple has been in an on and off relationship for four years.

Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur Age

Goldson is 30 years old while Fleur is 32 years old as of 2019.

Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur Family

Ashley has a Jamaican ethnicity while Rick has a Haitian ethnicity. She shares that their parents are not interested in them living in a house without being married. Their parents play a major role in where their relationship is now.

Rick has also shared about his mother. My mom’s always been big on prayer, so she’s just like, “Go pray about it and then what will be, will be.” Things happen for a reason. The couple has not yet shared information regarding their siblings.

Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur

As the couple joins Temptation Island, they have dated on and off for four years. The couple share that they knew they had something special on their very first date and the sparks have been flying ever since.

Fleur confesses his love for Ashley but he grew in a strict home and he feels that now in adulthood he can finally let loose and have fun. On the other hand, Ashley tries her best to ignore his “playful” ways because she strongly believes that they are meant to be together.

The couple has had infidelity issues in the past, Ashley insinuating things from text messages and that broke them. She got very insecure about their relationship and it went downhill from there.


Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur Temptation Island

Ashley and Rick join three other couples on the reality television show Temptation Island. They will determine if Rick is really ready to commit to Ashley – and if she is willing to accept Rick for who he actually is.

The couples split up into two villas in Hawaii, with the four men in relationships playing house with 12 single ladies, and the four women doing the same with a dozen very available guys.

There will be a month-long process having zero communication with their partners as they go on dates with the singles, enjoy late-night pool parties, and, of course, tempt the fate of their union. Every single week, there will also be two bonfires, one four the four girlfriends and the other for the four boyfriends.

During the bonfire, the cast members will be shown short clips of their significant other’s time on the island. Basing from the first season of the series, that’s where the drama really starts to heat up.

Their fellow couples starring on the show are Kate Griffith, and Dave Benavidez, Ashley Howland, and Casey Starchak and Esonica Veira, and Gavin Rocker. The show is presented by Mark L. Walberg.

Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur Salary

Being cast members on Temptation Island will be a big deal to the couple. Though it is not disclosed what they are earning from participation, it is believed to be a big amount.

Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur Net Worth

Ashley and Rick have not shared any information regarding their fortune. Their net worth is ot yet disclosed.

Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur Twitter

To get Ashley on Twitter, click here To get Rick on Twitter, click here


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