Having children out of wedlock these days seems like a norm among men, especially celebrities, as a growing number of them have become baby daddies, either by choice or not.

Gone were the days when it was a rare privilege to know Liberian celebrities’ children, except if one was a member of your family or you must have probably attended schools with them. Now it’s a completely different story. We can reveal their family, with the help of the media and the internet.

Liberian celebrities especially our musicians who have kids love to flaunt them to show to the world that they have offspring who’ll take over in their absence. brings you a list of 7 popular Liberian celebrity baby daddies.

Chiller Coolnanee: The hipco rapper whose music journey dates to as far back as 2006, is a bonafide member of ‘celebrity baby daddies association, with 3 children.


Christoph: MEMG superstar has over the years been linked to different women but the superstar currently has a single kid to his name.

Bucky Raw: Famous for his exploits within and outside Liberia, the trapco artiste already have two kids, a son and a daughter.

Eric Geso: Widely known by fans as Stage-Killer, the “Da You I Want” hitmaker has flaunt many times on social media with his cute twin, namely Eric and Erica.

Kobazzie: Is one of the Industry’s most prominent baby daddies, with a beautiful daughter name Sonita.

C- Note: The award winning Hip-co rappers recently joined the celebrity baby daddies association, after his longtime girlfriend Kennetus gave birth to their bouncing baby girl, Emmanuela.

JB of Soulfresh: Has a lovely baby with longtime girlfriend Grace. The two have had a beautiful relationship together and give their daughter the best of everything.

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