Baka Ex and AK Feeling Man say CanC didn’t deserve a win at the TunesLiberia Music Awards

Dancehall artistes BaKa Ex and AK Feeling Man have reacted to their rival CanC’s big win at the TunesLiberia Music Awards 2019 that took place over the weekend.

CanC managed to beat all odds and emerged as the proud winner of the Best Dancehall and Reggae Artist, beating legendary musician Nasseman, Baka Ex, and previous winner AK Feeling Man among others.

Other nominees from the Dancehall and Reggae category has opened up about the news by congratulating CanC. However, Baka Ex adds that the “Banana” singer didn’t deserve the award because she hasn’t produced any hit song.

This is what both Baka Ex and AK Feeling Man posted on their respective social media handles:

Baka Ex:

* Canc Queen Na making buying Award lazzzzy ooo

* We don’t do mixtape or cover and called it our own 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Go check the record!

AK Feeling Man:

* I already got ur f*cking results, but I’m still the dancehall king till the end of Lib dancehall.

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