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Baka Ex, Fast-rising Dancehall Musician Who Is Pushing The Limits

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It’s not everyday that a musician from Liberia gets nationwide attention but to be honest, some of them are very talented and we just can’t help but talk about them.

Take for instance a fast-rising artist by the name Baka Ex – who is currently trending as one of the country favourite Dancehall musician.

Although he has not been in the industry for long, he has managed to achieve feats that his fellow musicians can only dream of. Some people are even referring to him as the next King of Liberian Dancehall music. Would you believe that?

Baka Ex developed interest in music when he was at the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana, and with help from his friends, he was able to record his first song.

To date, he has churned out several jams including; Like DatThanks and Praise, Party Time, Dancehall City, Gimme Love, which have all been received well by his fans.

If you ask me, it is only a matter of time before Baka Ex blows up because he is such a talented
artist. What’s more is that he has a heart of gold. Watch out for him!

Check out his latest jams and tell us what you think.

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