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Benita Urey Is Rumored To Be Pregnant

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Monrovia— Rumours has it that Benita Urey is pregnant and the father could be anyone. I meant, not just anyone, but for car dealer, Mohammed Bah, well known on social media as Prettyboss Bah.

Our sources who asked for anonymity disclosed to, that The Liberian Influence CEO is perhaps three weeks pregnant and could possibly announce to her followers anytime soon. 

“I think she could be three weeks pregnant. When you look at her, you can see her belly button sharp. She could be pregnant for Mohammed Bah.”
One of our sources said. 

Another source close to the blogger stated that Benita Urey, is pregnant. Further saying that there has been quite a number of clues – even the way she looks is apparently giving it away.

In addition, The Liberian Influence CEO, Benita Urey, took to her official Twitter account informing her followers that she is always lethargic and doesn’t know what her problem is.

Stunna, one of Liberia’s most celebrated musicians, thanked Benita for being pregnant. With her acknowledging the hit maker with a ‘Welcome’.

For those of you who may not know, many women feel extremely tired in early 
pregnancy because of high levels of hormone progesterone. Similarly, the above tweet is a sign that Benita’s fatigue might be due to her early pregnancy symptoms.

Mohammed Bah, who is already a father, from his previous relationship has been seen flaunting with the blogger on numerous occasions, as they were last seen together at Club 231. It would be a joy to watch for her supporters to know she’s officially pregnant. Wouldn’t it?

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Written by: Thomas Williams Fomba

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