Benita Urey, Michelle Doe fight dirty

Benita Urey and Michelle Doe

This is war without end for popular bloggers; Benita Urey and Michelle Doe the fight between them has taken a new twist.

Benita Urey seemed very ready to fight blogger Michelle Doe to the end as she has now taken to her social media handle page to call-out Michelle Doe.

She what she posted below:

For three months na, dirty joe Michelle Doe has been on me and my family’s name so it’s about time I address the monster I created 😊
Ive been avoiding you and waiting for your Grandpa (sorry I meant Godpa) to dump you so you can come to your senses but it’s like the lil money he can give you to buy stiff weave is getting to your head 🤣 Liberia King Kong Michelle we know you can fight like giant so it’s not surprising to see you writing keep the same energy post. Sis shut up. WHOLE DAY you coming fight somebody. La your job na? 🤣 I begged you to stay in school, you say NO! I begged you to make donations and build your brand, you still say NO! My lil girl wettin you want from me na? 🤣 enough is enough my pekin. Leave me jor🤣🤣🤣🤣 I ignored your yellow face and green teeth for months and still you can’t let it go? Madame Liar-Secret Courier-King Kong-Miss Sinoe County 2099-Floyd Mayweather-Sugar Baby-Michelle Doe, you are hereby KICKED OFF The Liberian Influence because being an influencer isn’t being like somebody like you 🤣 Get a life like I tried to help you get, my lil girl.

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