Berenice Mulubah defends CIC in fight against Suzan Gbangaye

Berenice Mulubah, has reacted to the fight between SOG Record artiste CIC and Australian based blogger Suzan Gbangaye as she further stated that the poor boy was in a horrible accident by a drunk driver.

This came after CIC was accused by blogger Suzan for the death of Quincy B, and the blogger was denied by officers at the Robert International Airport from returning home to Australia.

Reacting to that, Berenice Mulubah wrote:

This poor boy was in a horrible accident by a drunk driver. He could have gotten killed. God blessed him and saved his life. Instead of us preaching on the danger of drunk driving, your country uncivilized ass passing around calling him a killer. What is wrong with you illiterate people? You think drunk driving dah fun. You think anything funny about this situation and what your doing to this kid? How dare you? I am not a big fan of CIC, but as a Mother and a voice in this industry, I am not going to keep quiet anymore and watch your unjustly tarnish this kid reputation. Stupidity in very high places.

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