Best Punch Lines In 2017 Rap Songs

Best Punch Lines In 2017 Rap Songs

However, with emotions on high in politics, social issues and the struggle to improve on lower-income salaries (and a diminishing middle-income bracket), our rappers these days decided to speak out things that happening in society through the means of getting behind Mic.

Check out these punch lines in 2017 hip-Co & Trap-Co songs that made people listen past the beat and pause to ponder on what was said.


Life in lay booth bringing lay fire we stacking lay heat with lay roof, I kalay your jue BF la fool, lay woman la lose

RevoluxonI Vex


I say my life is a movie pekin no television, I like watching movie but I na like too much Animation, if I tell you I geh mai that’s too much information, How I made it here? prayer,Hard work and dedication.

ChristophHip-Co 102


Way in lay night hooo leh me take off your dress hooo, Open lay window leh get some air hooo, play with me zipper on my trap co dorka flagg hooo, she bending ova leh to say she taking pray hooo..

Bucky RawSomething Good


Lay way I playing in her defense make lay field to lay, She use to sacrifice her all when cralor boi was spay,God fearing she lor wake up in lay night to pray, Mai started showing face my problem started growing tale.

Cralor Boi CICHello


I one of the reason why scientific rapping hip-co, so where your coming from talking about trap-co, Thief Vee Thief Vee rob , hip-co for ever we never gonna let it go.

Chiller CoolnaneeDo My Thang


I got 99 problems Koloqua ain’t one/the flow sick which disease your dying from /I na get equal so your find me some/your convinced na dat I lib true son .

ScientificAin’t Got Time


My Father said real life is lik a bitch, never loyal, if think i lie look at your finger and tell me weather it’s equal.

JB (SoulFresh) ”Heaven or Hell Freestyle


Itake it straight to business punch lines going straight on faces, ride with me leh me take you places one thing you muh know all lay man neh fake fake.

Nuchie Meek1990 War Freestyle


When I win everything will be sweet I will change lay country name from LIB to Golden street, all my lappa be door old ma neh will geh leh own jeep, Money will flow my value boyz neh force to make it rain. Win I win I will fence lay whole of LIB everything will be stable citizen will enjoy lay peace.

MargasWhen I Win


Politician neh only up for self benefit so the hip-co king Takun J ran for representative,

CO.ZThe Geez






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