Big Little Lies had us snared when it initially showed up on our screens as far as possible back in 2017. Over seasons 1 and 2, we followed the ladies of Monterey, California, through some genuinely *gripping* dramatization and, normally, watchers are after additional.

It’s been more than a long time since season 2 dropped in June 2019, however will a season 3 at last be going on? Here’s beginning and end we know up until this point.

The thing have the cast said with regards to Big Little Lies season 3? Tragically, a third series hasn’t been affirmed by decoration HBO. Nonetheless, it appears to be a few Big Little Lies cast individuals would absolutely be quick to get back to the show assuming a season 3 were to go on.

Series lead Nicole Kidman examined a potential series 3 with SiriusXM radio personality Andy Cohen on 7 December, and she most certainly appears like she’d be available. Showing up on the Radio Andy show, Nicole was inquired, “Assuming you could return to something that you’ve done, make a continuation of something or return to a person that you’ve as of now played, is there one that you think … there’s more story to be told?”

Nicole rushed to raise the HBO series, replying, “I think we’d all affection to do a Big Little Lies prepare 3, you know?” In any case, she added that nothing has been affirmed, answering “I don’t have any idea” when found out if there may be a third series.

She clarified, “I realize that we would, all, we as a whole are extremely, old buddies and cooperating once more. That is to say, in a real sense Laura [Dern] just messaged me. What’s more I was intended to see Reese [Witherspoon] and Laura the previous evening, but…I was working.”


Nicole proceeded to say that unfortunately a season 3 “isn’t on the cards” yet that she would in any case “like to get it done”. She proceeded, “being together and, you know, point in your life where you go, ‘It’s great to be around individuals I like being near and working with individuals I like working around, let alone on a … hit show like that. Thus, you know, however that isn’t, it’s not on the cards, but rather definitely, we might want to get it done.”

Is there a Big Little Lies season 3 delivery date? As Big Little Lies season 3 unfortunately hasn’t been affirmed at this point, there’s additionally no word on a potential delivery date. Season 1 was initially delivered in February 2017, while season 2 emerged around 16 months after the fact in June 2019.

As we’re as of now toward the finish of 2021, any hole between season 2 and a potential season 3 would be bigger than we’ve recently seen. Big Little Lies season 3 cast: Who may star? Nicole Kidman recently sounded confident with regards to the possibility of a potential season 3, and she implied that other driving cast individuals would be available as well.

She told Marie Claire Australia in October 2020, “Reese [Witherspoon] and I talk or text one time each week. She’s simply moved back to Nashville and we’re truly close. We as a whole simply need to cooperate once more. I messaged Zoë [Kravitz] and Laura [Dern] and they’re in. [Writers] David [E. Kelley] and Liane [Moriarty] have a truly smart thought for it. Watch this space!”

Other cast individuals recently included Shailene Woodley, Meryl Streep and Alexander Skarsgård, so hopefully we’ll see them generally meet up again soon.

Is there a Big Little Lies season 3 trailer? Obviously, as season 3 hasn’t been declared, that additionally tragically implies there’s no trailer. In any case, you can remember the dramatization that was season 2 here:

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