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Blogger Slams Reggie Rockstone And D-Black For Sticking With Their Fake British-American Accent For Years

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Reggie Rockstone, Lucas & D-Black

Controversial Blogger, Lucas Nluki of GossipPunch has slammed Ghanaian rappers Reggie Rockstone and D-Black for sticking with their fake British-American accent despite living in Ghana for years.

According to Lucas Nluki, anyone who sticks to a fake accent for decades should be considered as dumb and D-black and Reggie Rockstone fall in this category.

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Read his full post below;

“How long does it take for an accent to change?

If an accent stays with you past 10 years then it’s obvious you are just faking it or you are just dumb and your brain finds it difficult to go back to it’s original state.

Now let’s talk about D-Black and Reggie Rockstone. Reggie Rockstone could be forgiven because his age might be the problem and just maybe it’s hard for his brain to rewire itself back to the default state it has never experienced so for him we could forgive him though he still falls in the dumb category.

I have never liked D-Black’s songs because it’s all fakery in his accent. Can an accent stay that long in a human being or we just become too comfortable with it and don’t want to let it go ?

D-Black’s accent is not American nor British ,it is just an accent he created while walking around east legon and for some reason,he seems to think his songs are doing well because of his accent.

Vera is the only song I have listened to till the end because the fake accent wasn’t that much in it. Imagine using this fakery and actually getting recognized by BET or The Grammys? We won’t imagine because he is never getting there with that fake accent!!”