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Born as Bonnie Patricia Morgan, Bonnie Morgan is an American contortionist and actress best known for her role as Samara Morgan, the antagonist of The Ring franchise.

She is the daughter of actor Gary Morgan and Suzy Morgan. She grew up in a family of circus performers. Bonnie is a professional body manipulator, and has performed as a clown and studied as a classical actor.

Morgan has appeared in many known movies such as Piranha 3D, Minority Report, Fright Night and has made an appearance as Beth in the short film Sorority Pillow Fight (alongside Michelle Rodriguez).

She also provided stunts in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, for which she was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture.

Bonnie Morgan Age

Morgan’s date and year of birth are not yet known.

Bonnie Morgan Husband

It is not known whether Bonnie is married or not. Nothing much is known about her dating life either.

Bonnie Morgan Photo

Bonnie Morgan Rings | Bonnie Morgan Samara Morgan

In the American franchise of the Ring, Bonnie plays as Samara Morgan, the vengeful spirit of a young mass murderer. Her character is based on Jason Voorhees, who shares a similar backstory.

Her appearance is always the same; A young eight-year-old, brown-eyed girl with long brown hair that usually covers her face, although it can often turn dark black. Her appearance resembles a Japanese onryō spirit, a spirit focused on vengeance.

Samara’s hair is black and soaking wet, hiding her waterlogged and deformed face which has turned somewhat grey in color and she has sunken eyes. Her skin also has turned to an unnatural moldy color, although when she climbs out of a television, her skin appears a murky grey.

Samara is the daughter of a woman named Evelyn Osorio who was held captive in the basement of a sexually perverted priest named Burke. Burke raped Evelyn and when she was after eight and a half months pregnant, she fled to a Christian hospital to give birth. She gave birth to a girl and named her Samara. Samara ceased to cry and was born with strange supernatural abilities which their source was unknown.

After the birth of Samara, Evelyn claimed to hear voices in her head telling her that the only way to get rid of the evil spirits residing within Samara was by drowning her. She eventually decided to drown Samara in the fountain outside the hospital but a group of nuns caught her in the act and seized the baby away. Samara was put up for adoption whilst her mother was institutionalized. Samara was adopted by Anna and Richard Morgan, who were prize-winning horse breeders in Moesko Island. They both loved her as if

she was their own biological baby. Having no knowledge over her powers, her powers unintentionally spiraled out of control. As Samara grew up, this turned her to be the perfect scapegoat by the local community; who blamed her for the island’s misfortunes such as not being able to catch enough fish, etc.


Anna also became more mentally unstable and distant towards Samara, due to the gruesome images that Samara unintentionally burnt inside her head. Samara lived as an outcast and she spent most of her time alone on the swings outside the Morgan ranch. She developed a phobia of water despite the fact that she was actually human incarnate of sea demon itself.

Samara’s death occurred after Anna snapped and suffocated her with a black, garbage bag and threw her down the well in order to stop her from mentally tormenting her and the horses. Anna later became horrified by her actions and committed suicide by jumping off a nearby cliff out of remorse.

Samara tried to crawl out of the well but broke her fingernails in the process as a stone lid slowly covered the top of the well, sealing her fate. She finally died due to drowning after spending 7 days in the well. However, Samara died but she did not leave. After dying in the old well, Samara created a videotape that cursed anyone who watched it and whoever did, was later to hear Samara’s whispers through your phone, telling you you’ll die within the course of 7 days.

The video contained cursed images from Samara’s nensha powers, and they would stick with you forever. The only way to survive the curse is to give it to someone else by creating a copy of the video and showing them before seven days pass.

Bonnie Morgan Terminator

In the television show, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle, Morgan played the character, Rosie. Rosie is a Terminator sent by Skynet and assigned to either terminate Dr. Boyd Sherman or to protect him.

Bonnie Morgan Height

Morgan has a height of around 5 feet and she weighs around 95 lbs.

Bonnie Morgan Net Worth

Morgan has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

Bonnie Morgan A Series Of Unfortunate Events

In the TV series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Bonnie portrayed Colette. Collete is a contortionist who is one of the Caligari Carnival freaks. She considers her trait to be an abnormality rather than an ability.

In The Slippery Slope, she wondered why the White-Faced Women disliked their paleness since they used makeup and powder in front of her.

In The Penultimate Peril, she was present at the Hotel Denouement. There, she posed as a chemist in a long white coat and a surgical mask.  She was staying at the Hotel Denouement that is outside of the sauna. It is at that time when Frank or Ernest Denouement suggests that Collete takes Sir and Charles to room 547 where Organic Chemistry is. During the blindfolded trial, she submitted some drawings as evidence.

When Hotel Denouement was starting to catch on fire, Hugo, Colette, and Kevin were last seen holding the bird paper that Klaus hung on the outside of the sauna. Colette talks about plucking the feathers off some crows. It is left uncertain if Colette survived the fire at the Hotel Denouement.

Bonnie Morgan Piranha 3d

In the film Piranha 3D, Bonnie played as Sorority Girl. She is the girl in a spring breaker who is seen multiple times throughout the spring break scenes.

During the Piranha invasion on the lake, she was sitting on her inner tube and was the first bitten. The Piranhas swim up and yank Sorority Girl down in her tube and devour her. She was last seen alive, although it is very possible she bled to death.

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