Breaking News: Christoph & Co.Z Reconcile Their Beef!!!

History of the Beef

This Battle Started Way Back Then When Co. Z Told Liberia & His Many Fans That He’s The “KING OF LIBERIA” And Not The “KING OF HipCo” And When As Far By Including Some Names Of Artists That Started The HipCo Revolution Back Then In 2005

That They Can not Be Compared To Him, Except For Scientific Who Come Close To Him Small…. The First Reply To Co. Z Controversy “King Of Liberia” Was “We Run This” By Noy Z, Killa Lu & Rawlo And Was Produced By Rawlo Back Then When He Was Still At Red Eyez Entertainment Recording Studio, But That Reply Was Not Good Enough For Co. Z To Drop Another Bomp On These Niggas Until Christoph (The Change) Pop Things Up With “The Underdog”, To Send A Warning To Co. Z For Disrespecting “Takun J” The HipCo King, And Yes That Was Exacltly What Co. Z Was Waiting For To Drop “Kiss The Ring”, But Christoph(The Change) Was Already Set & Ready For Co. Z Reply To Drop And When Co. Z Did, Christoph (The Change) Had No Other Option But To Tell Co. Z To ” Leave The Game”. We Thought It Was Going To Be Cool With The Two, But Surprisingly Co. Z Came Back At Christoph With The Song “Closed Casket”, But Yea Christoph Was Very Happy For The Reply So He Drop Another Bomb Too “Why So Soon Co. Z”. While Thinking About Something Different Co. Z Stated That “He Ain’t Satisfy” So He Did “Rest In Peace.”And Now We Are All Expecting Something Hot & Big From Christoph…. Or Live Battle!!!!!

Finally Squashed Beef

Exactly today, October 4,2017, Christoph & Co.Z both appeared on Costa  Morning Show letting their fans know they have squashed the beef and putting Liberia first. And they even got  a song that will be released very soon.

This is great for Liberia’s entertainment and stay alert for more updates.

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James Momo is popularly known in showbiz as 'Drizzy'. He is a music critic, writer and pundit on several entertainment shows on radio. James has been writing on Liberian music since 2014.

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