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Breaking News: Kobazzie Expressed His Feelings About Liberia Being Disrespected By Organizers At The One Africa Festival

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Afro-pop sensation, Kobazzie who was invited to perform at the ongoing One Africa Musical Festival has taken social media to express his grievances on how he was disrespected by the Organizer at the Festival.

Kobazzie Writes ” My Country was disrespected tonight by the organizer of One Africa festival

I was told to arrive at the event by 4pm which I did along with my team (a DJ and  a Camera man). At the entry, I  was only given one pass and my team members were denied access to enter. When I engaged the organizers that I just can’t perform without a DJ and they decided that they would allow me to enter with one of my team members but the person won’t be allowed back stage but in the crowd. Worst of all, one of them, in my face, said “we don’t know Liberia and your country has no impact musically. That statement broke me down.

My fan are my everything. Forgive me that I couldn’t perform tonight because I couldn’t take the disrespect of my country in the name of big stage.

I see this as a strength to us Liberian artists to work harder and show to the world that we Liberian got the talent. Let’s work hard to  uplift the name of our Country. Tonight was me, who knows who’s next?

Let this serve as a message to the one Africa family. What’s the essence of your existence? Your name call for one Africa, why are you looking down on a Country? How do you expect me to perform without a direction? You don’t know my country why did you invite me? I am letting go of this opportunity tonight to keep the pride of my dear Country Liberia.

To my fan, forgive me. You are my everything but my country above everything.”

Source: Diamond Online