Bucky Raw apologizes to Christoph The Change

TrapCo King Bucky Raw has finally apologized to Christoph The Change after the release of series of diss songs and exchanges on social media.

Bucky few minutes ago wrote on his official Facebook page that “he’s sorry”.

Bucky Posted: “To be real I was just promoting my music, and living my pro poor life. I have no problem with Gay people at all. I never wanted me and chris to go this route. I’m not gonna say who started it and who didn’t. At the end of the day he’s an artist and I’m an artist. Watching that interview made me feel bad. I also have a conscience and I’m sorry. chris i am sorry 🙏🏿 Sincerely❗️”

Bucky Raw has also apologized to Root FM CEO Henry Costa and the two would be on the Costa Show on Monday.

Christoph is yet to respond to Bucky’s apology but information that MusicLiberia.com is gathering indicate that Case Close, a response by Christoph The Change has already leaked and some people are secretly enjoying it. So should Christoph decides to accept the apology and not to respond, the song is already in the public domain.

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