Bucky Raw Shuts down Red Light Market

Bucky Raw

Since his arrival in Liberia, it seems like Liberian music fans have accepted Bucky Raw and his contribution to the music industry. This is evidenced by a recent video of Bucky Raw in Red Light Market that have been circulating on social media.

The video shows a crowd of fans gathered, shouting Bucky Raw as the Trapco star attempted to purchase a pair of slippers. The fans seem impressed with the work the Trapco President is doing so far. Since the turn of the new year, Bucky Raw has released the music videos to “Amen,” “Trauma Freestyle,”.

Bucky Raw – ‘Trauma Freestyle’ (Prod. by Lil Jay)

VIDEO: Bucky Raw releases ‘Thank You’ featuring Ice Prince and Stunna

Bucky Raw was also featured on Je Je Je, by Congolese heavyweight, BM.

Additionally, Bucky Raw won the Trapco Artiste Of The Year and Album Of The Year for his CS2 album at the TunesLiberia Music Awards 2019.

The fans seems to be in love with Bucky Raw and his contribution to the music industry.

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