Bucky Raw: The Industry Wants Me To Pack My Load

Bucky Raw

Bucky Raw, AKA Trapco President seems to not feel welcomed in the Liberian Music industry almost a year after he arrived in Liberia. In a post on his personal twitter page, the “Amen” hit maker expressed: “The industry wants me to pack my load 😂😂😂 I jeh arriving. Y’all not see nothing yet 😎.”


Such a post is surprising from the Trapco President. How can the music industry want the only artist who put koloqua on the music Billboards Charts out of the music industry?

Bucky Raw has been embroiled in personal disputes with other heavyweights in the Liberian Music Industry since his arrival from America. The most notable being his beef with Christoph and his crew.

Additionally, even though his CS2 album topped both Amazon and ITunes charts and also made Liberia’s first appearance on the Billboards Charts, Bucky Raw was snubbed for the MTN Liberia Music Awards’ Artist of the Year honor- losing out to the talented CIC. Bucky Raw’s CS2 album however, won the Album of the Year Awards.

‘CS2’ by Bucky Raw wins Album Of The Year at the 2018 MTN Liberia Music Awards

Bucky Raw successfully toured the country on his “Welcome to Liberia Tour” and was well received by the fans.

With his contribution to the Liberian Music industry in such a short time, it seems like Bucky Raw still doesn’t feel welcomed by the music industry. But he seems motivated by the alleged hate from the music industry.

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