C-Note releases a freestyle, ‘Loyalty’

C-Note is in a league of his own

The award winning artist released a freestyle video called Loyalty.

Since his split from Liberty Entertainment the rapper has been unstoppable . His new release is a breath of fresh air. C- note projects reflects his growth musically.

He stepped into Liberia music industry as COZ protégé. Now the Artist has made a name for himself. His talent is unmatched. While many Liberian artists are focused on HipCo & Trapco, C-note is leading the Hip Hop scene in Liberia. His awards are a testament to his popularity and achievement. Within three years C-note made his mark in the industry. The rapper is in the ranks with Liberia Top musicians.

Before the release of ‘ Loyalty ‘ we caught up with C-note

What is the inspiration for the freestyle ?

“Just plenty talking from Bloggers. The trash rappers that came at me. Facts our people need to hear”

“ And proving I’m the best rapper”

What is the main message you want to send across to your fans ?

“ In life you get the same energy you put out. Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Being Loyal to people that are loyal to you will get you a lot further in life then being disloyal. Food for thought.”

What do you love about becoming a father ?

“ Looking at my daughter. Feeling like I have some one to stand for me when I’m long gone to keep my name alive”
Who produced and directed the Loyalty freestyle video ?

“ Myself and J Money. J money films is dope as hell”

Your music is diverse. It is not limited to one sound. Are you working on another project?

“ I like to do things differently. Things that bring about new sound, to change the game. No one coming out with new idea’s. All they do is copy. I plan to be the new change”

“ I want my music to be better every time I release something new. Not worst. I have realised, the only way to achieve this , is to introduce a new sound ( new me ) to my people”

Are you signed or independent?

“ At this time I’m an independent Artist. Everything I do is out my pocket”
“ I run my label and my life”

What’s next after the release of ‘Loyalty’ ?

“ West African Queen video, then my Album”

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