Cage Rapper  Biography

Cage Rapper(stage name) also known as Christian Palko is an American Rapper and actor from Middle town, Orange country, New York. He has released four solo albums, from Movies for the Blind (2002) to Kill the Architect (2013), in addition to two compilation albums and two extended plays.

Cage is one of the founders of the underground hip hop supergroup The Weathermen, which was formed in 1999. He also established a group called Smut Peddlers, with hip hop duo The High & Mighty, publishing an album titled Porn Again, in 2001.

He is also known for his collaborations with New Jersey rapper Tame One; the two are collectively known as Leak Bros. Cage and Camu Tao made up the duo Nighthawks, who released an eponymous 2002 album.

Cage Rapper  Age

He was born on May 4, 1973, in Wurzburg, Germany. Currently, he is 46 years old.

Cage Rapper  Family

Chris Palko was born in Würzburg, West Germany, to American parents. His father was stationed on a West German military base as a member of the military police. Palko lived there until the age of four when his father was dishonorably discharged for selling and using heroin, and the family was sent back to the United States where they lived in Middletown, New York.

His father would often force Palko to pull homemade tourniquets around his arm as he injected heroin. At the age of eight, Palko’s father was arrested during a standoff with state troopers after threatening his family with a shotgun. By the time Palko was expelled from high school, his mother had remarried twice, and he was beaten by his stepfather Frank.

Palko began using PCP, cocaine, LSD, cannabis, and alcohol and was sent to live with his uncle on a German military base, where he was beaten and sent home after a year.

Palko was arrested several times for drug possession and fighting in the streets. When he faced jail time for violating probation, his mother convinced the judge that he was mentally unstable, and he was sent to the Stony Lodge psychiatric hospital for a two-week evaluation. He stayed in the hospital for sixteen months, where he was a part of a small group used to test fluoxetine, commonly used in Prozac.

After being misdiagnosed and placed on the drug, he became suicidal and made several attempts to kill himself, including hanging himself with his shoelaces and saving his lithium dose for a month before ingesting all of them at once.

Cage Rapper  Education

His education result is under review.

Cage Rapper  Wife

This information is under review.

Cage Rapper Daughter

He became a father to a daughter in 1994.

Cage Rapper  Career  Beginnings

After Palko was discharged from the emergency clinic at eighteen, he sought after a profession as a rapper, giving himself the stage name “Alex”, after the hero of Anthony Burgess’ novel A Perfect timing Orange. In the wake of contracting an administrator and recording a demo, he was acquainted with rapper Pete Decent, and Enclosure was included on the 1993 album Dust to Residue. Pete Decent additionally acquainted Palko with radio personality Bobbito García, who included Palko on his program a few times.

This expanded his notoriety among New York’s underground hip jump scene, where he moved toward becoming related with KMD, Kurious Jorge, K-Solo, Adoptive parent Wear, Necro, Ancient rarities, Pharoahe Monch and El-P. Palko marked an account contract with Columbia Records, however as often as possible recorded while inebriated, and the name observed his endeavors to be unacceptable. Palko quickly put his profession on hold and his medication utilizes expanded. He turned into a dad to a little girl in 1994.

At the point when García established the label Fondle Them Records, he offered Palko a record arrangement, and Confine discharged a solitary highlighting the melodies “Radiohead” and “Napalm” in 1997, to progress and recognition. Following the discharge of Slim Obscure EP on December 1997, Palko accused Detroit-based rapper Eminem of mirroring his style.

After a few additional singles with Caress Them, Palko met Mr. Age and DJ Compelling Mi of The High and Forceful, and the trio framed the gathering Filth Merchants, discharging the album Porn Again on Rawkus Records in 2001. The collection crested at #10 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, #43. It was on the Top R&B/Hip-Bounce Collections diagram, and #184 on the Billboard 200, while it’s single “That Muck” crested at #9 on the Hot Rap Singles chart and #96 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Jump Singles and Tracks chart. In 2001, Palko’s music was included on the soundtrack to the mental wrongdoing film Bully.

Cage Rapper   Eastern Conference and Definitive Jux era

He marked with The High and Powerful’s Eastern Meeting Records, discharging his introduction album, Movies for the Visually impaired, on August 6, 2002. It crested at #12 on the Heatseekers outline, #14 on the Top Autonomous Collections diagram, #58 on the Top R&B/Hip-Jump Collections graph, and #193 on the Billboard 200. Palko later expressed, in 2006, that the collection “kind of celebrated medications” and that he felt the collection was “insane for being insane.

During this period, Palko shaped the gathering The Meteorologists, named after the left-wing political association. The gathering discharged their presentation album The Intrigue on June 3, 2003. This was before Palko left Eastern Meeting over asserted non-installment. An extended play, titled Weatherproof, was discharged on July 29, 2003. During his time on Eastern Gathering, Interscope Records indicated enthusiasm for marking Cage. This was in spite of Eminem additionally being on their name however finished their enthusiasm in the wake of passing judgment on that he would not draw in a standard group of spectators.


Cage felt that he should never again play a character, he started to take on an increasingly open composition style and marked with Complete Jux. This was the place he discharged his second studio collection Damnation’s Winter, on September 20, 2005. Palko is cited as saying “I make dynamic rap, it’s as straightforward as that. I don’t live for medications any longer, I don’t bolster them, and I’m not going to make a million tunes about them any longer.”

He additionally said that he would never again make fight rap or music that annoys women. Hell’s Winter crested at #26 on the Top Heatseekers graph and at #36 on the Top Autonomous Collections diagram. In a 2007 meeting with American actor Shia LaBeouf, for Vanity Reasonable, LaBeouf communicated enthusiasm for featuring as Palko in a conceivable film life story. On November 30, 2007, Spin reported that the film would go into creation.

Palko discharged his third studio collection Withdraw from Men in July 2009, which he portrayed as having a rap-rock sound.[LaBeouf coordinated the music video for the tune “I Never Knew You”. Cage’s emotional well-being was influenced by the affliction and demise of a closest companion and collaborator Camu Tao during the chronicle procedure

Cage Rapper Kill The Architect

Palko showed up on American chronicle craftsman Child Cudi’s second album Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager in late 2010, showing up on a track titled “Crazy person”. The two performed “Crazy person”, nearby non-mainstream shake performer St. Vincent, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in November of that year. In Walk 2011, Cudi declared he would discharge a short film roused by the tune “Neurotic”. Co-featuring Palko and coordinated by Shia LaBeouf, in October 2011. As guaranteed Cudi discharged Insane person, a short horror film, debuted through his blog on October 30, 2011

Regardless of already having dropped out with The High and Forceful, Palko declared in 2012, he would rejoin with maker DJ Powerful Mi. Additionally, a solitary titled “The Void”,  was discharged on April 3, 2012, on Tribute Records. Palko likewise began another undertaking with Sean Martin, called We Sold Our Spirits, who discharged their first tune “Overly Prepared” in Walk 2012.

Cage likewise reported he would discharge material under an adjust sense of self, Sam Slope, with verses on points like his initial endeavors on Movies For the Visually impaired. On August 23, 2013, it was declared that the album Kill the Draftsman would be discharged on October 22, 2013, with Eastern Meeting. A melody from the collection, “The Chase”, was discharged around the same time.

Palko had two further supporting jobs in free films: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s widely praised sentimental horror Spring (2014) and Amber Tamblyn’s drama Paint It, Dark.

Cage Rapper Vs Eminem

This beef has been going on as far back as 1998 when Eminem discharged the Thin Obscure EP. Cage has gone on record saying that Eminem has replicated his style and his verses. This has been denied by Eminem and in the Thin Obscure LP, you can hear the disses Eminem sets down to Cage in “Good example:” “Purchased Cage’s tape opened it and named over it.”

In a melody called “Radical Measures” Eminem disses Cage too. “I’m getting Cage’s sister early…, went in front of an audience and showered Cage with bio-chemical defoliants.” In a similar free-form Em likewise says “Cleaned my rear end with his page is The Source…”. Additionally, in a free-form off Tony Contact’s Capacity Cypha 3 – 50 MC’s on Compact disc 05, track 06, Eminem says: I compose a rhyme multi-day, So it’s no big surprise why your entire collection is sounding like a lot of poo that I would state [Then Em shouts “CAGE!!”].

Cage was not set up to simply take these abuse and started by dissing Eminem in this melody called Thus Kiddies… Cage specifies “Tired rhyme styles from Detroit, Michigan” alluding to Eminem’s substantial MTV turn. He additionally affronts Eminem’s modify self-image Thin Obscure, calling him Bitch Woman. He has discharged a free-form called “Bitch Woman” as well, which is practically difficult to get your hands on.

At the point when asked in a meeting with how the contention started and where it as of now stood, cage said “It began on the grounds that he is a bitch ass nigga! At the present time it remains with me kicking in his screwing face, genuine awfulness appear, I ain’t lettin’ all the poop he said slide.” Cage likewise tears into Em on “Illest four-letter word.” Here are the Em dissing lines: I heard some blonde bitch strolling through New York searching for Cage, I’ll wound you in the face, multiple times in a similar spot.

A satire of Dr. Dre’s “Still Dre” called “Still Cage” has been discharged by Cage. That can likewise be found in different record sharing systems.

Cage Rapper Movies For The Blind

-Morning Dips -Escape to 88 -(Down) The Left Hand Path -Teenage Death -Too Much -In Stoney Lodge -Probably Causes Paranoia -The Soundtrack… -Among the Sleep -Agent Orange -Suicidal Failure -CK Won -Unlike Tower 1 (Ft. Copywrite & Mr. Eon) -Under Satan’s Authority -A Crowd Killer -The Right Out -Holding a Jar 2 -Pussy, Money, and War (Ft. Copywrite)

Cage Rapper  Nationality

The Rapper’s nationality is American.

Cage Rapper   Net Worth

His Net Worth is $100,000 dollars,

Cage Rapper  Discography

-Movies for the Blind (2002) -Weatherproof EP (2003) -Hell’s Winter (2005) -I Never Knew You (2009) -Depart from Me (2009) -Kill the Architect (2013) -Book of Sam: Infernal Depths (2018) -Waterworld (2004) -Nighthawks (2002)

Cage Rapper  Filmography

-Maniac (2011) -Spring (2014) -Paint It Black (2016)

Cage Rapper   Videos

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