Ceasefire or No Ceasefire? Christoph Takes Shot at Bucky Raw Again!

“La small axe can cut big tree down……I never lost to any rapper I come across” Christoph rapped on his new single featuring Revoluxon, “Small Axe.”

The track produced by Tizes and Duke Blac is in quick succession to “Case Close.” A track on which Christoph called out Bucky Raw by name. Even saying he is the “one that deport deportees,” while confirming the rumored reason for the tension between the two artists.

Listen to the song here: Christoph Feat. Revoluxon – Small Axe [Prod. Tizes & Duke Blac]

On “Small Axe,” the self-proclaimed King of Hipco sounding fed-up, spit bars after bars while addressing how he’s “winning now” and that his “bars nehn coming with fire.”

Christoph delivered more bars dissing Bucky Raw for the second time in less than a month. He even said his “bars don’t get tayor,” hinting that there might be more bars coming Bucky raw’s route.

In early December, Christoph decided to respond to the shots Bucky Raw took at him on the highly provocative but fan favorite track “Open Casket” and other provocative acts by the “Trapco King”. Acts such as Bucky Raw recently performing “Open Casket,” on his ‘Welcome to Liberia’ tour in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Interestingly, Bucky Raw is currently observing a self-imposed “ceasefire.” He tweeted in early December that he will no longer respond to shots taken at him. Or as he put it, he’s now on “ceasefire.GM”


But then again, Bucky Raw is the kind of person that will offer an apology and take it back.

So, if Christoph’s bars don’t get tired, will Bucky Raw get tired of them and fire some shots of his own? Bucky Raw was already “forced” to perform “Open Casket” just weeks after declaring cease-fire. A move he can’t expect to sit well with Christoph.

For now, Bucky Raw is still on “ceasefire,” but how long will that last?

Christoph on the other hand is looking to reassure Hipco fans he’s not going anywhere and is still a top artist in the game.

Ceasefire or no ceasefire?

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