Who won HoH following this evening’s Celebrity Big Brother 3 episode? In this article, we’ll do our part to monitor that very thing! Before we go further, however, here’s a speedy boost: Tonight’s episode included the removal of Mirai Nagasu over Chris Kattan (regardless of him needing to leave), which denied many individuals of the epic Todrick Hall blindside that they were wanting to look at ahead of time. By and by, the opposition is occurring after the show, and it’s something that you will actually want to watch on the following new episode broadcasting on Wednesday night.

So who expected to win this opposition the most? Presumably either Carson Kressley, Miesha Tate, or Todrick Hall. One of those three would have presumably been in harm’s way in the event that there was an alternate HoH this time around! They should be generally considered contest dangers in their own particular manner, and it’s basic to particularly get somebody like that out on a season like this that is so short.


There was another inquiry that we pondered before the HoH began, and that was whether or not Kattan would even remain in the game. We realize that makers don’t need anybody to stop, however it truly does in any case happen regularly with these superstar shows since the players don’t frequently have the foggiest idea what they are pursuing.

We’ll have refreshes as the night advances…  Who were you pulling for to win HoH in the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house this evening? Make certain to tell us in the remarks! When you do simply, make want more of a wide range of additional updates.

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