“Certain People Must Be Kept Away” – Emotional Bucky Raw Says In An Exclusive Interview

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“I believe we have enough talent in Liberia to regularly make the Billboard charts. People love Koloqua…and unity is cool, but certain people, if they cross a line, they must be kept away. I am for peace and working with other artists. But if you na want work together, stay out of my way and I will stay out of your way…but if I leave them alone and they don’t leave me alone, then its: LADIES AND GENTLEMENNNN, ahha you hear me ehn!?” Bucky Raw replied when asked, whether Liberian artists could put aside the “halahala” and work together to take Liberian music to the next level.

After a year in which he went from getting deported to Liberia with nothing, to making the music Billboard charts with his record breaking CS2 album, Child Soldier Entertainment’s Bucky Raw, AKA “Trapco President,” sat down with MusicLiberia.com for an exclusive interview.

Bucky Raw

During the interview, Bucky Raw discussed his return to Liberia, his upcoming projects, the significance of his hit song, “Amen,” and his dispute with fellow Liberian heavyweight, Christoph, among other topics.

Reflecting on his time in jail and subsequent deportation to Liberia on his hit single “Amen,” Bucky Raw said, after spending almost all his life in the United States (Philadelphia), “returning to Liberia was like going somewhere you don’t know. All I had were memories from when I was very young and my mom telling me things about Liberia. It was crazy.”

Bucky Raw explained that he released the video to “Amen” ft. TieahBoy over his highly anticipated “Thank You” music video featuring Ice Prince and Stunna, because it was the only song he wrote during his time in jail. The talented artist described his time in jail as “stressful.”

Looking back, Bucky Raw said, “when I first came to Liberia, I was not thinking about anything, only my family and dealing with being stressed out……after everything God had done for me, I had to give my testimony.  Everything I do is calculated. That’s how I move.”

You can watch the video here: ‘AMEN’

Having turned his life around since his arrival in Liberia, when asked, with his success, what advice does he have for other Liberians getting deported from the United States, Bucky Raw responded, “you must be strong mentally. Not everyone is prepared for it. As a result, some people have lost their minds or are homeless. They are forced to live a certain way because of that. So, my advice to anyone who find themselves in similar situation is to be mentally prepared. But Liberia is treating me well.”

The “Trapco President,” who seems to be enjoying his recent successes wants his fans to expect “a whole lot” from him in 2019. Bucky Raw hinted at more international collaborations and more music on all digital platforms. When asked whether he’s looking to work with Davido, an artist he had been seen with on multiple occasions, Bucky Raw replied, “I can’t say anything about that. The fans will have to wait and see. But I have big international collaborations coming up. You saw the songs I did with Ice Prince and Congolese artiste BM. I have more of that coming.”

We asked Bucky Raw about his role in the Liberian music industry and he replied, “I see my self as someone the kids can look up to, because a lot of kids listen to my music…… for that reason, I also have to make my music more kids friendly. For example, there was no cussing inside Amen, ley oldma nehn and all dancing to it. I want to make more music like that.”

Even with his busy schedule, Bucky Raw recent found time to visit the National Research Center for the Blind. “I did that because at the end of the day, I am human. There are certain things my kids like their favorite stars doing. Kids look up to me, so I must do these same things. Make a positive impact in the society…..TieahBoy was actually the one who showed me the video and I went to meet the kid but he was not at home. With my busy schedule, I didn’t want to miss him, so I decided to go to the school. And when I got there, there were a lot of other kids. It was a really cool experience man.”

Further discussing the topic of unity in the music industry, Bucky Raw thinks it’s possible. And that he wants other rappers to know that calling him a “deportee” does not move him.

He understands he made a mistake and have moved pasted it for the better. But what bothers him he said is, “with most of these rappers, its not about coming to eat, its about the envy. Everybody wants to be the man. When I first got deported, people were throwing talks at me for no reason. At that time, I was stressed out and still trying to process everything that was happening to me…..that’s why   I appreciate the homie TieahBoy, I actually knew him from Philly. We made some songs together in the States I never released. When I came, he was one of the people who sat down with me and told me how things were in the country. We were both in the same situation and I really appreciated that. That’s loyalty and that’s what I am all about…..

If you listen to “Imported,” the introduction to my CS2 album, I was just letting everything out.” But shout out to my fans around the world man. I did not even expect to put koloqua on the Bill Boards charts. That was definitely one of my proudest moment…… People really love koloqua man, even stars like Davido think we should make more music in our native koloqua because it is cool.”

When asked whether the is a “rap bottle” in the making between him and Christoph, the artist refused to confirm or deny the rumors. He however replied, “let’s leave the beef as it is. If there will be a reply, you guys will know. At this moment, I am all about positivity. Right now, I am more focused on dropping more hits on all digital media platforms. I am all about creating a positive image for my fans to look up to.  As you know, I recently hired a publicist, Wortee Yallay- Dalor War, so he can handle that aspect. He’s someone the people can reach out to for any public relations information about me.  Those are the type of things I am thinking about right now.”

Winner of the “Album of the Year” award at the MTN/Lone Star Liberia Music Awards ceremony, Bucky Raw is currently nominated for more accolades at the upcoming Liberian Entertainment Awards in Washington D.C., and the TunesLiberia Music Awards.

Bucky Raw currently seems unstoppable and we wish him the best of luck.!