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Cheddar explains the need to marry at an early age

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The Ghanaian business mogul shared his thoughts on marriage when he graced the wedding ceremony of his friend, Kelvin Quaye, as the chairperson.

The affluent Freedom Jacob Caesar, born Nana Kwame Bediako but known in the industry circles as Cheddar, revealed that he married his wife when he was a mere teenager. 19-year-old Cheddar met Ruby Bediako 20 years ago and decided to she was the woman he wanted to be with the rest of his life.

He shared this story with the wedding party when he was giving his keynote address. He said, “People say when you marry too early, your game is over. No, your game is just beginning.”

“I started to work harder. I became more focused. And when I had my children, I became more responsible. Not only for my kids but my kid’s mother, my wife’s father, and mother, my mother, my uncles, friends, and everybody.”

He congratulated Kelvin on his decision to take the bold step to join the marital circle. “I want to congratulate you because I know you’ve taken the right step. For you to get married at this age to a beautiful woman, you have a bright future.” Cheddar toasted the newlyweds.

He also implored the guest to say a prayer for the couple as they were about to face one of the toughest journies. But he believes they would sail through with all the support they have.

Last year, Freedom Jacob Caesar gifted his wife Ruby Bediako a new mansion and Porsche Panamera on her birthday.