Christoph Disses Bucky Raw Again

LT City’s Finest, Christoph, AKA “ley geh nehn bonnie dust” took more shots at rival Bucky Raw on his recently released single, “Fake (Bucky Raw Diss).

“You say you a big player, why the (explicit) your team forfeit?” Christoph sang on the chorus of Fake. Words that can be construed as targeted at Bucky Raw, who is currently not responding to shots from other rappers.

Ceasefire or No Ceasefire? Christoph Takes Shot at Bucky Raw Again!

It seems like the personal dispute between the rappers will not be ending anytime soon. Christoph has released a succession of songs dissing Bucky Raw since late last year.

It seems like when Bucky Raw was ready to fight, Christoph was quiet, now that Christoph want to fight, Bucky Raw is quiet. But how many diss songs will Christoph produce before Bucky Raw’s fans are tired of his silence?

“Shut your mouth if you deported……… ley only thing we have in common, you short, I tall, but we all sing.” Christoph rapped Fake.

Listen to the track produced by Beat Master here:

Christoph – Fake (Prod. Beat Master) [Bucky Raw Diss]

Hopefully two of the hottest Liberia artistes can put aside their personal dispute and use their various platforms to promote the rapid growing Liberian music industry.

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