Christoph’s Fan Shares his Thoughts on the Artist’ Current Stance in Music

A hip-co listener has shared his thoughts on Christoph current stance in as far as being relevant in the music business is concerned.

The facebook user, Dave Kollie feels that Christoph is not currently trending in Music business as compared to the time he released his song, “Handbag” in 2017.

Dave Kollie took to facebook to share his thoughts about it.

“Christoph is one of the greatest artists I know. The reason why he is not trending the same way he did is not because he is not making any good music, Nooo. The reason is that, he, himself made people believe that he will never make another hit song like his previously released hits songs, his perspective, and he also made people believe that Christoph will always be the best,” he wrote.

The fan also noted that Christoph is a very talented artist by writing, “I started following Christoph from his Polarius collaboration with Margas, he is a very talented artist, I know lots of people are hating on him but that doesn’t change the fact that he is one hell of a great artist”.

The guy finished by advising Christoph to focus more on positive music instead of beef music saying that would not help to expose the goodness of Christoph.

“Beef music will never bring out that best version of Christoph I know, focus on the positive music you used to do man, you are someone’s inspiration, don’t let anyone take that version out of you man, be yourself. Much love to your music,” he posted.

You can also share your thoughts about the issue with Hipco rapper Christoph.

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