Fans accuse CIC for the death of Quincy B


Liberian artiste Maurice Tosh Gayflor, popularly known as CIC, is in trouble with numerous fans on social media over the death of the late Quincy L. Burrowes, who was well known as Quincy B.

Quincy B, the legendary musician, who was the former brand ambassador for telecommunications giant, Lonestar Cell MTN, was famed for songs such as “Olukupay” “Mr. All The Time” “My Pledge” featuring Sweetz, died after his vehicle flipped on Monrovia road opposite UN Headquarter in Liberia around midnight.

One of the post reads: CIC will confess about QB death before he die.

It was gathered that Quincy B had gone out to celebrate Karaoke, with CIC, Feouls, and Margas at the famous Angler’s Bar when the unfortunate incident happened.

However, music lovers did not believe that CIC is not responsible for the death of Quincy B, as they keeps pointing fingers directly to him.

See posts below:

Cic, after killing Quincy B for his position do you want to murder Bucky Raw too? From today date am not ur fan again u just trying to loose fans like christoph. My people what is going on in the music industry cat 🐈 all want beef dog 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶

He forgetting to know that he got his CIC name from dead body.

CiC stop what u are doing before we disgrace u…

What hurt me most about CIC is the fake broken leg, why?? But God will judge him……

After killing QB to become ambassador la Bucky u want bring ur craziness to but u missed ur lane Jay🙄🙄

Cic killed that boy for nothing😭😭😭😭

Amen…. Quincy death was not Normal and the so called CIC knows about it but evil doers never go on unpunished

CiC stop what u are doing before we disgrace u…

The way he quick to kill his friends for position … He better respect himself

I thought I was the only person who hate that fake ass bitch called Cic, but now I realize that we are many. Complete mystery! four person in a car, he was sitting in the driver’s seat with QB. Along with two others in the back seat, but only Quincy got killed. He even fake the situation with fake legs broke, but God will judge that Mother fucker Pretty soon. So da QB death you were waiting for to be a star? no sin go unpunish. Who ever took that child life, will meet their’s double.

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