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CIC cries out as Corporate Liberia ‘ignores’ music industry

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Multiple Award Winning Artist and MTN Lonestar Cell Brand Ambassador CIC Cries out. Anytime I want to smile or laugh these days, all I do is just to visit the Cralorboi social media handle, and I find myself expressing joy without remorse. The Cralorboi has recently built a nature of entertaining his fans with sweet jokes that will almost make you feel he is the king of comedy.

Trust me, A Liberian comedian thinks acting stupid is the joke, but no mehn! My people What happened to an intellectual talk that will tease the mind with humour? Yesterday, CIC dropped a joke on his timeline that led to both of us having a chat, and that fruitful discussion led to the Superstar pouring out his mind. First of all, this is the joke “Me: So Pruh why your can’t invest in your pekin nen(Artist)? Pruh: Your can already be behind our lay Jue nen then who ma spend leh mai on your… So y’all can climb on our hay? Mtcheww… imma send for liquor for you? Me: La it way uplift my career? Pruh: Anyway, leh bulk put La one in yor parkay. Me: Da na mai I come beg for…How bor lay proposal my manager send to your office for you to review? Pruh: My pekin I can be busy bor I will see what I will do. After a few weeks…You call no answer, manager go there for update, Pruh: Tell la man say ina here… Welcome to LIBERIA”.

To many of us it sounded like another CIC joke, but when I was chatting with him, he disclosed to me that it was a real life experience he had. He had this to say to me and I quote, “Here’s my issue… They have complained about our lyrics, audio and video quality over the past years. With new artist and management stepping into play, we have seen a huge uplift in that aspect. The lyrics of 7/10 of the artist are now more matured and profanity free. The audio quality and beats can be compared to that of Top industries like Ghana and Nigeria in Africa. The visual aspect is taking a huge step of late.

So my question here is… what more do we need to do to prove to these companies we deserve their support? It don’t have to be me, we have so many talents. An Artist gets frustrated when the support is not coming in cuz he wanna see his career move above normal. What pains me most is the fact that most of these companies are Liberian owned, managed or the marketing departments are spearheaded by Liberians. Certain people and companies don’t want us to grow. We have done our part as artist and the promoters and bloggers are doing well but yet we are still here waiting to hear from companies and investors. It’s a SOS call for help bro”.Honestly CIC is speaking the heart of so many of us in the Entertainment Scene. I wouldn’t forget a talk I had with Popular TV Host and Actress Josephine Kolubah, and she had to confide in me about the issue she’s having on her new project Coffee with JoJo.

One thing she said that got me sad, and it’s as alarming as the situation between CIC and the Pruh, is that most people she goes to for sponsorship always want something in return, and when I say something, I mean a sexual affair.Can’t a favour be done for someone in this country because they deserve it, without immorality or deception playing a part? CIC disclosed to me that he has sent alot of Proposals to companies out there but mehn! No proper response. So I asked, Don’t you think those companies feel that you are already with MTN Lonestar Cell and you can get anything you want from the Giant communication company, So you don’t need them. And CIC replied me as if he knew what I was going to ask that Particular Question, He said “That’s being foolish… Wiz-kid is Glo ambassador and he is still Hennessy ambassador. My contract with Lonestar says nothing about me not being an ambassador of other brands except communication.” Honestly, Entertainment is a promising sector in this country called Liberia. And trust me, you won’t be losing or doing anything wrong if you invest in it. Please investors support the Liberian Entertainment Scene.