CIC and Jaredo
CIC and Jaredo

Liberian musician CIC has penned down a letter to the new president of the Liberian Football Association, Mustapha Raji.

CIC expressed concerns over the difficulty spectators face to enter the stadium during match days and urged the President device an appropriate means to ensure safe and hassle-free entry for soccer fans.

Read the full letter below:

“Letter to Mustapha Raji

Pruh, I jeh won say congrats on your new role as the boss of LFA. I truly believe with such huge passion you have carried over the years, the football arena of our belove Nation is about to take a new trend.

Pruh o…. La some lewo nen la can happen especially when Lonestar playing here I can’t really feel.

On Sunday, September 9, 2018, lay time Liberia wor playing DR CONGO la wor na small war for people to enter. Right before my very eye I saw people getting wounded and fainting and lay kana dray nen na freh. As for me(CIC) and my boy Lourell Andymark George(STUNNA), we fought for over 30mins because security personnel at the gate said we the artist nen da na LIBERIA flag we can fly so lay disrespect pa lay show it to us. All my white trouser, socks and top including that of STUNNA got dirty before we enter.

To cut lay tin short, LFA should please see reason in making the entry process smooth, water be sold at various spots on the stadium and VIP be properly organised.

And for the embarrassment we faced on Sunday, I believe me and my colleague STUNNA deserve 30 home games VIP access plus security to escort us to our seats as a form of apology😊

Thanks and wish you a great term serving your people🙌🏻” – @cralorboi_cic

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