CIC returns to college


Maurice Tosh Gayflor, popularly known as CIC, has announced intentions to further his education.

The sensational afro pop artiste, who is signed to SOG Record, obtained admission into the University Of Liberia, where he later dropped to persuade his music career.

In a recent post, the award winning songwriter announced his intentions to further his education in order not to be “drop-out role model”.

See his full post:

A kid walked up to me and said.. “I wanna be everything you will ever become in life. Wearing the same hair cut, he showed me all my pics I have ever uploaded on social media. He then asked, do you smoke or drink? I’m like NO I DON’T and that’s something a lot of people don’t know. I used to but I stopped. So what level of school are you, he asked. I paused for minutes and told him I was in college but I dropped. So he then ask, are you going back or not? And boommm his mom called him. That question kept playing on me for weeks. I’m posting this out here cuz I might not get the chance to meet this kid again but I just wanna let you know I’m back in school tho I transfer to read a different course. If you do decide to be an artist later, I might just be the right manager to have😊

Can’t be college drop out role model🤷🏽‍♂️

CIC shared admission letter

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