CIC, Suzan Gbangaye’s fans set social media on fire

The beef drama between Australian based blogger Suzan Gbangaye and popular Afro pop singer CIC is getting messier with fans of both celebrities taking sides.

Suzan Gbangaye caused an uproar on social media when she accused singer, CIC for the death of Quincy L. Burrowes, popularly known as Quincy B. As if that was not enough, blogger Suzan Gbangaye in a facebook post stated that she put a question mark on the late Quincy B death. With this accusations on CIC, the ‘Weekend’ singer has been dragging Suzan in the mud.

Their fans took the fight a notch higher when they started fighting themselves for supporting the other celebrity. They also check on one another’s grammar and write dirty things about themselves over this celebrities’ fight.

See how both celebrities’s fans set social media on fire:

I stand with Suzan Gbangaye I wish u notting but the best over there, hopefully u back home soon & safe to ur daughter & Fam..

All of u posting n throwing shit at Stone Luckshine n Suzan Gbangaye need to wait for the final ruling yor don’t knw a demn thing!

The finest LIB🇱🇷 blogger. You vex you bust.. And she ain’t apologizing for shit.. I stand with you Suzan Gbangaye

Lay jue them na even jump in your “Reserve” yet, u suing ppl for money!
CIC la funny man!

CIC go do something better with your time and energy, talk about the current issues affecting your country and people and leave Suzan Gbangaye alone..I stand with you boo this too shall pass gal..

Y’all should not just stand with her ur should go sit in jail with her.somebody suppose to flogg her ass in that jail .

Making false statement or accusations against a person is unacceptable….You are literally damaging their reputation,business and character…..Especially when you don’t have substantial evidence to defend yourself or back up the allegations made by you,Make sure you are fully prepare for whatever actions they decides to take….(DEATH)is not a  joke!!!!!……….AuntyMabel Son Tosh I stand with you 💯

If y’all don’t play CIC music I will play it home, in the shower, while cooking, while killing dog, even at work I will play his music everywhere. CIC I stand with you. If I am the only person in Australia that stand with you than I except but I shall back no wrong doing. pERIOD.

Suzan if going back to Australia really that important to you saying sorry should not have been this hard..

Directly accusing someone of murdering another human being is not freedom of speech… You should have all your facts together before discussing sensitive issues on your Facebook blog, If not you will get sued… CIC I  Support you for setting that huge principle. Defamation of someone character is a huge crime!! #BigPapaMove

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