Liberian Afro-pop artiste, CIC has called on fellow musicians to show support to local football clubs in the division league.

The “Big Papa” crooner, share pictures along with top celebrities including Stunna, F.A, Master Queen among others, as they teams up with the LISCR Football Club to pull supporters to the club on Sunday, June 16, 2019 at A.T.S, where LISCR won the FA Cup, beating B.Y.C two goals to zero.

Following the match, the Afro-Pop artiste posted on social media challenging other musician, including Eric Geso, Bucky Raw and Teddyride to pick a local club and support.

See what he posted:

Barcelona never ever posted me all the 15 years of support but LISCR just did after barely 6months….. this shows you that no matter what you do, it all start from the soil.


If we as Liberians can’t stand up and support our own, no one will. We cried out that the league is not up to standard but lemme ask you la talking, your support up to standard?

This is a challenge to every LIBERIAN ARTIST/ ENTERTAINERS, pick a local club and support. Post about them, go watch their games to attract fans to the league. I almost cried after the game when a lot of people said the only reason they went on the field to watch lay game la because I was going and a lot of em have started supporting LISCR as well.

Wanna see ERICGESO supporting LPRC, TEDDYRIDE supporting WATANGA, CHRISTOPH already with BYC, ANGEL MICHAEL cheering SMALL TOWN, BUCKY RAW cheering NIMBA FC/NIMBA UTD, and so on. Just pick a side and let us all shine a light on our local league.

This Issa challenge to every LIBERIAN ENTERTAINER🙌🏼🤦🏽‍♂️



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