CIC: Watching JAREDO grow into a Superstar is one of my biggest achievements

CIC and Jaredo

Liberian musician CIC has stated that one of his greatest and biggest achievements as a musician is watching his little brother Jaredo grow into a superstar.

According to CIC he mentored and inspired Jaredo into who he is today.

He also added that he feels great that he has someone who posses his qualities and can record music like he does.

CIC posted a picture of the two with this message:

“One of my biggest achievement in my career is watching my lil brother JAREDO grow in to a Superstar. I still remember when I got a call from Allen Pratt(DJ CHICHIPOLY) telling me of a genius kid who I inspired and was a role model for wanting me to mentor him. Since we met, the bond grew thicker. Been over two years and when I looked at him at times, I know I can trust my MIC with someone that posses every quality I have and more. God bless the empire @sogrecordsempire. More Hitsssss this year👐
@jaredoofficial @king_jaffar_”

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