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“CITATION” Review: The Overhyped Movie That Failed To Capture The Reality Of Sex For Grades In African Universities

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I have finally watched the much-talked-about movie, “CITATION”, featuring Mr Eazi’s rich girl, Temi Otedola, and I must say, it never lived up to the hype created around it on the internet.

In as much as it captured some elements of sex for grades in African universities, it failed to capture the reality on the grounds when it comes to sex for grades in our tertiary institutions.

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The movie to me isn’t top-notch—as some movie lovers have said—it’s a normal movie with a storyline we are already aware of. There is nothing resembling suspense in the movie—only a bunch of unnecessary flashbacks which prolonged it to 2 hours—making the movie boring to watch at a certain point.

Even a class one pupil would be able to conclude and get it right the outcome of the movie once he/she starts watching it. And on Temi Otedola‘s role, she did her best as the lead character but I wasn’t too much impressed—she was dull—I’m even thinking she might’ve tried her lines severally behind the scenes before getting right what the directors and producers of the movie wanted.

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“This is her first time of acting” shouldn’t be an excuse, you always have to bring out your best the first time you are put on the spot to prove yourself. And for the conclusion part of the movie, I was disappointed—because that’s where the movie failed to capture the reality on the grounds when it comes to sex for grades in African universities.

How can the movie “CITATION” with such an expected ending be top-notch?

As we got an unexpected and interesting ending in the human trafficking movie, “OLOTURE”—which perfectly captured the reality of human trafficking in Africa, I was in expectation that Temi’s rape allegations against the Professor were going to be thrown out to reflect what mostly happens in our universities when a female student reports a Lecturer for sexual harassment.

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Perhaps, they wanted to encourage female students to be brave and report lecturers who sexually harass them—because it would yield results and get them sacked, probably.

I’m rating the movie “CITATION” 4/10 because it failed to capture the reality on the grounds when it comes to sex for grades and lecturers sexually harassing students in African universities.