Complete Review Of CIC Debut Album Dubbed ”1994”

Artwork for CIC's "19NINETY4" album

When CIC decides to hang up the mic, he will go down as one of the greatest and most successful Musicians of this era. Everyone knows CIC is talented. He has proven himself in that sphere. There’s no quarrel about his claims to personal greatness and the quality of his craft. We all can attest that for this generation, he broke down barriers, ushered in a style of HipCo music that meshed pretty well with trendy Afro-pop, dubbed ” KoloPop”. At the age of 24, you can tell he has a couple of good years left in him, and with the release, of his forthcoming “1994” album, It’s obvious music experts and his peers think so, too. The Album “1994” symbolize the womb escape year of the artist. CIC “1994” is Fiery and it’s safe to say he banged it. Cralor Boi banged the album so hard that pundits are qualifying it for album of the year…and they might be right. The album has all the sauce of extraordinary work and it appeals to people at different levels. It is a compilation of contemporary bangers; the kind that gets Liberian man dancing. The album also regurgitates Afro-pop, and Cralor Boi’s self-made genre: Kolo-Pop. The album has a bit of everything and those producers work was purely magical. This is a historical cause for the first time, we gaze at a Liberian from the Congo-Settlement of Brewerville, featuring 6 top-notch musicians from the Diaspora— Nigeria, Ghana, and SouthAfrica. The album which comprises of 11 songs, Stacked with jaw-dropping features — including, Iyanya, MzVee, Medikal, Aramide, Buffalo Soulja and Ponobiom.

CIC – Morning

The song begins with an Angelic yet atmospheric background vocal and a typical CIC Introduction. Wow, that guitar is extraordinary, nice build up for the beat drop which didn’t hit hard but in a way that tends to soothe the heart. Whoever this song is made for, should be proud. the lyrics Are Mesmerizing yet it sounds so Pure. the hook is simple, yet very catchy and this is something the artist have master over the years. We always look out for CIC when it comes to slangs and play of words, and we he always got that line that makes us reminisce about our past life. This is a work of artistry growth and mind appeal; it is the hard work of someone who knows what the audience wants and what gonna bridge their career out there.

This love ballad is going to be a fan favorite and nationwide hit in no time, safe to say CIC got another one, Like Khaled.

2. Mumu

When CIC, record label mate Jaredo and Iyanya link up, you know it’s about to be madness. This track has elements of the real afrobeat. CIC blesses this track with amazing vocals especially backup vocals which complement the instrumental so well.

3. Reverse

This track again features label mate Jaredo and was produced by Joy Muzik. It’s a solid jam for the slow winds. You want to be at the back of a mean booty when this song comes on. Jaredo delivered a killer verse on it, and both artistes complemented each other on the track.

4. Love

The tempo picks up again on this song produced by Dr. Lu Beatz. It’s an amazing tune for the clubs and parties. It features Aramide. You would be partying to this throughout the year.

5. CIC ”The One”. Featuring Mzvee

It’s astonishing how comfortable CIC have transitioned into this sort of style, after the Many different approaches in his previous tracks. Love is indeed a universal language as “The One” emphasize how two different nationalities can confess their affection for each other in one take. Mzvee Handled the song like a newly Born infant and CIC commanded the song as a boss should. ”The One” appeal is international because both countries can relate without the strains of accents. The song shows how good the Chemistry is for both artists and how enjoyable the outcome of their art came about. The reception of this song is gonna be massive, watch the space.

6. Ever-since Jue

It’s like a tribute to his current girlfriend who is undisclosed. It’s safe to say she will be left with a smile after listening to this because the artist did it wholeheartedly.

7 & 8. Both “Goddammit” featuring Medikal from Ghana and ”Big Papa”

These are all club bangers with random topics but done for a particular purpose and that’s, turning up the dance floor.

10. Commando featuring Buffalo Soldier

It’s a self-congratulatory song stressing how far the artist has reached. Frankly, he could have done the song without the features because it was he who lived his story.

11. CIC ”Fire”

In ”Fire” he features two of the leading trapco rappers, where they exhibited their lyrical Prowesses. This is a Street anthem and best believe the streets gonna go crazy for this one. This record was a warzone.

12. CIC ”Don Alhaji”

CIC really hits surprising heights with Don Alhaji, a song composed with such intent one cannot but marvel. The collaboration with Panobiom, ‘Don Alhaji, should have banged. These two have great chemistry as exhibited. CIC has made what has to be specific and a contender for Album of the Year.

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