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Coz Kamakize booed MTN Liberian Music Awards

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Liberian rappers, Coz Kamakize has expressed his disappointment with the organizers of the MTN Liberian Music Awards and we can surely see that he’s really not feeling it!

With his many latest singles doing well in in the entertainment industry, Coz Kamakize has thrown a shade to the organizers of the award show as seen in the screen shot below:

Coz Kamakize has since written a statement on social media questioning why he didn’t win the awards because he feels he puts in too much effort in his music for it not be recognized in his own country.

Read his statement below:

Dear Liberians the selection of an award winner for music is not subject to only VOTES unless otherwise SPECIFIED that it shall be so. Learn today an award should be given based on
1. Amount of material (songs, videos, freestyles) released within a given period

2. Amount of features on a song within a given period

2. Amount of shows, concerts held or attended within a given period

3. Amount of endorsements received within a given period

4. Votes (optional)

Here is the rationale
If an artist does not drop any song, he doesn’t go to any show or concert, receives no endorsements, nothing but he gets more votes than other artists in the category does he or she deserve the award over artists that actually have a plethora of work within that period. I will answer it for you. NO