Coz Releases “LEA Cypher, Liberia Edition”

“Dey cry for monkey to com-down, but when ley monkey came down, they space na, look at ley whole country ray na,” Coz Kamikazee rapped on the recently released “LEA Cypher,” featuring Tan Tan B, JB Soul fresh, Boima The Ace, Chiller Coolnanee, LIB Icey, Abi Porte, and Revoluxon.

Earlier in the new year, CoZ teased a behind the scene photo of the collaboration in honor of the upcoming Liberian Entertainment Awards 2009, in Washington D.C.

The hipco icon also promoted the release of the song on social media.

Recently, Coz teased that he will be releasing his “State of the Union 2” album.

However, we have not yet been informed of the release date. So far, the talented hipco artist seems to be putting in serious work since the release of his hit single “The Geez 2018.”

Coz is currently nominated for the TunesLiberia Music Awards 2019 Hip-Hop Artist of the Year Award, alongside Tito Gee, C-Note, 2C, Geno, and others.

Check out the song below:

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