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Cralorboi CIC Mind Blowing Performance At “Thank You” Concert

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Gboko Stewart, [email protected]

Monrovia-A hopping leg, buttressed by a walking stick, could not stop CIC from hitting the stage over the weekend, much to the amazement of his antsy fans who wanted to see him in one piece.


Appearing in the public following several months of recuperation, Maurice Terziq Gayflor, known widely as Cralorboi CIC, thrilled the audience at Destiny on Capitol By-Pass to a riveting performance at his ‘Thank You’ concert which had many on their feet.

The concert was organized by the SOG Records and Double H Entertainment.

The rapper, for months, has been living in virtual obscurity following a tragic car accident on March 3rd while riding alongside famed artiste Quincy B, Margas Bimba and Feouls Kaba.

Quincy died in the accident when he lost control of the vehicle around the UN Plaza in Sinkor but CIC and the others made it out alive, leaving him with an injured leg which was placed in a POP cast. He later traveled to Ghana for treatment and it is believed he recorded many a hits during his medical stay in Accra which has not been released.

The rapper made an animated appearance on stage when he was toted on a bed by dancers of Dream Team who were draped in medical clothing. Decked immaculately in everything white, CIC had a Lazarus Moment when he literally arose from the dead, so to speak, to the chanting of his fans.

He performed many of his hit songs, including John Buttay ft. F.A., Itchy Ritchy ft. DenG, Brother.

Albert Tamba, a diehard fan of CIC said his attendance at the concert was to put his speculation to rest that his isn’t in good health. “Since the accident, I haven’t seen him on stage or in the public and in Liberia you know we can speculate,” he said. “I aint want for anybody to tell me so I came to see him for myself.”

For Lydia Johnson, it was about seeing DenG performing his newest single Grateful which is topping the charts across the country. “Deng is my artiste and I really love his new songs.”

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