Liberian dancehall artist Bill S. Lor popularly known Beenieking BS2 is set to release his debut album titled ‘The King Of Voice‘, for major distribution. reports.

The dancehall artiste who is known for always releasing hit singles is now doing it big to release 14 songs in his new album, “The King Of Voice“, which will be released in a few days.

Born in Bahn City and raised in Ganta, Nimba County. BS2 moved to Paynesville City were he started his musical career in 2017, influenced from singing in several church choirs.

The young sensational sings music that relates to the realities of daily life & love. Making sure Liberian Reggae/Dancehall music is heard on the world stage and respected in Africa and beyond.

As the first “New Arrival” dancehall artist in the Liberian music industry, BS2 has taken several trends to secure Reggae/Dancehall position in the Liberian music industry.

He Launched the Reggae Heart Festival in February, 2021 to give reggae artistes in Liberia a respected platform to showcase their talents.

Beenieking BS2 has shown us his unique style and blend his voice with his Liberian native dialect (Gio) with the Jamaican Patois.

Beenieking BS2 currently has the most played Reggae/Dancehall songs, with the highest features & most collaborations.

Beenieking BS2, currently serve as the CEO of King of Voice Music.

A lot of music lovers and critics declared him a leader of his craft and appreciated him for the several talents he has introduced to the industry.

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