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Dancehall Artiste CanC Going Gospel: Monetary Or Quest For Fame?

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Have you ever heard a song that touches the whole of your being and gives you the aura of heavenly fulfillment?  That is what gospel music does to the spirit, soul and body of a believer.

Why should she leave a lucrative area and move into a niche one? Are you kidding or what? Gospel music is a niche music genre directed only at a particular kind of audience called, CHRISTIANS. Why make music for a niche group when you can write songs for much wider and larger audience?

Artists that move out of gospel music probably do so because they felt boxed up by all those ideological walls surrounding them and wanted to spread their creative wings without those walls to contend with, among other reasons. Gospel music was probably way too restrictive for them creatively.

According to observers, many artistes who started singing in the church have left gospel music to sing secular songs. It is no longer news that most musicians started singing in the church, hence it can be said that they discovered and developed their gifts in the church.

The singer who is currently in the studio, gave a sneak peek of what he is currently working on.

Dear Fans/ Bloggers/ Artists and Families.

I will love to bring u all a warm greetings from my end with a quick message.

CanC is the queen of dance hall
But guest what? She is about to drop two beautiful gospel in her dance hall tune very soon. And that is after song titled I’m bless dropping on the 22 of march featuring two of Lenz records artist De-Rio V. Wolo and Megastar Jeph on it.

From April 1 CanC is gonna be doing gospel and secular dance hall hits
My reasons are with all what we do we all should remember our maker and there is God. I love to appreciate u all in working it out along with me. And if few of my fans are against it I’m sorry to say this but I can’t convince u no other way.

Sincerely yours
Ur Dancehall Queen.( CanC)

A good musician should always make songs with deep spiritual lyrics that are devoid of religious bias, and the type that the entire humanity can and should identify with and not just a niche group. . . as well as fun and lighthearted music.