Dear Up-And-Coming Artiste Do Not Entrust Your Future To Another Bigger Artiste

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The dream of every up-and-coming artiste is to seize being just a prospect to actually becoming a superstar in reality. The idea of blowing up has always been the grandest fantasy fueling the passion of these music prospects, but then the dream is always a long shot from actualization

Being an indie artiste can be very difficult and tasking especially for any up-and-coming music star. The music industry is quite capital intensive anywhere in the world, in fact the work only got a little lighter with the advent of social media. Even so, the traditional record labels are still very important to a large extent for newbies or those seeking to break out.

The greatest tragedy these days in the music industry would be the debilitating legal battles between signed artistes and their erstwhile record labels. A situation that arises when many up-and-coming artistes rush to sign above the dotted line without understanding the terms of a contract.

While hustling a recording contract is pertinent, dear up-and-coming star don’t be eager to commit your infant career to a fellow artiste who at the time is only bigger than you are. It’s a risk that most times it’s not worth taking. getting signed by an A-List artiste is cool but its is not a surefire thing you’ll get the big break you deserve. As much as possible try avoiding contracts from a fellow artiste like you.

And here is why.

The music industry here is set up with a mentality that nobody owes you anything.

It is a corny winding food chain where the bigger predator feeds on those lower down the chain. There are tons of cases where aspiring music acts get signed by bigger colleagues and the journey quickly turned out sour than expected with only a few exceptions here and there.

Out here in the music industry everyone is basically looking out for themselves only whether as an A-List or Z-List.

Nobody really has your interest at heart like you do. Your boss and senior colleague is out there watching his back and making a killing without a care in the world about how your career takes off.  The thing is, no senior colleague would put his career on hold to oversee that your career gets needed attention and exposure. You only get lucky everything checks out naturally for you once you are on a bigger platform. There was no time Christoph took a break from his music to push Margas career to higher levels. Christoph never stopped releasing music just so Margas would have an audience.

Then again there is the subtle competition you are in when you get signed by another bigger artiste.

Nobody says it, but it is what it is. An up-and-coming artiste always gets cut into size or severed from the label immediately they become a direct competition to their boss who is an artiste too.

Sometimes these signings are only a ride to cheap publicity by the A-List musician.

A typical example would be Christoph again signing on TK Will, Mosh P to MEMG. Surprisingly, many months down the line the boys haven’t gotten bigger. The fanfare about some boys getting signed by Bonnie Dust set the internet off at the time. Fast forward to today, those boys don’t have more than two songs released under the label yet Christoph drops new music every other day he likes.

Are record deals bad? Not at all but don’t go seeking one from an artiste who isn’t committed to seeing you get bigger than he is. Don’t get it from an artiste who is still very active with his music career. 

Dear up-and-coming music star always ensure any label you’re signing on to has some form of structure that isn’t dependent on a celebrity status. Systems and structures get things working longer than getting associated to fame would do.