DenG accused of sexual harassment

Daniel George who go by the stage name ‘DenG’ has been accused of misconduct and sexual harassment while on tour in Europe and the United States. Several women linked to Liberian entertainment made public posts on social media detailing unpleasant moments with the Afro Pop musician. None of the alleged victims have filed a civil law suit.

The allegations took social media by storm last week. Deng fiercely rejected the allegations made against him by posting a number of screenshots as well as video recordings of his interaction with the alleged victims. Deng stated publicly, he blocked some of the women on social media for personal reasons within the last three years. A video of the star emerged online with Liberian songstress Sweets– who revealed she was sexually harassed by the musician. Deng protests his innocence online. An audio recording of a phone conversation the musician had with a business associate he worked with while on tour was leaked and published on several blog sites.



A movement followed by a meme ‘Mute Deng’; a replica of the Mute R.kelly Movement was launched by entertainment blogger Roda Starlet based in the U.S (The blogger and the musician have had an ongoing feud). Deng alleged victims have been vocal, taking to Facebook Live to present their case or claim. Movie Director Alvin Nyemah who is also in the hot seat for allegedly violating actress and promoter Lydia Jackson both sexually and verbally, shared messages between Deng and the first potential victim to come forward (an event promoter, base in the U.S). Alvin is the face of the movement to expose Deng sexual misconduct. Radio Host /Promoter Lady. T, along with entertainment personalities Cece Maintain, Suzan Gbangaye, Miracle Gbayee formed a protest against Alvin Nyemah and the alleged victims.

The women oppose Alvin Nyemah leadership of the movement due to a history of inappropriate behavior towards women. Lady. T stated that Alvin has a personal vendetta against Deng because the multiple award winner turned down Alvin proposal to shoot his music video.

Alvin Nyemah aim however is for Deng to write a public apology to the women he allegedly violated.

The film director stated on social media “Come clean and apologize to your victims Deng”.

Sweets manager Lewis McCarthy made a public statement in defense of his Artist who experienced major backlash last year when her allegation became public. “It is true that I wasn’t there when the alleged attempted rape and sexual harassment happened, as her manager, I was called that very night in tears. Being a father of 2 daughters, I reached out to DenG and his management which I think was the best thing to do, not to go public. So if DenG is sharing a portion of my personal message with him that day, he has my blessing to share the entire conversation with the public.

I will not look bad for him to look good for his actions. I only kept quiet all along because I wanted my artist to be the one to make that decision and not my place to do so. I believe her 100% now and then.”

Some entertainers have spoken out condemning the alleged victims because a civil lawsuit have not been filed. Also the alleged victims made no mention of a Lawsuit in their disclosure.

Supporters of Deng argue that the purpose of the movement is to defame Deng’s character. Kool Fm Dj Weezy wrote “It’s unfortunate that anyone can do a facebook post or live. whether it is true or false,
Investigators have not contacted DenG or any of his representatives about this matter. DenG unequivocally disputes characteristics that do not represent him as a person. Mere accusations are evil and shouldn’t be taken seriously”.

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